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5 Wellness Activities in Mossel Bay

Close your eyes and dream about the perfect beach vacation in South Africa. Of course, this holiday includes gorgeous ocean views, fresh sea breeze, and perfect weather for wellness activities. Believe it or not but you can experience this breakaway in Mossel Bay. What’s more, Mossel Bay is an attractive tourism and farming region of the Western Cape Province. Let’s dive deeper into 5 wellness activities to do in Mossel Bay.

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1. Zipline in Mossel Bay

Ziplining in Mossel Bay South Africa, wellness activity
Source: I Love South Africa, 2023

Mossel Bay is flooded with spectacular animal and natural diversity. What better way to experience this diversity than through a bird-eye view? Have a look at the beautiful views the town has to offer from above. Simply jump on the Mossel Bay Zipline. Moreover, sliding down this zipline provides amazing views of the ocean, cliffs, and an exhilarating adventure.

Now, you are harnessed and transported to the starting point and provided with thorough safety briefs. Instructors clip you in and send you on your way once you’re on the platform. You can take in the landscapes of Mossel Bay as well as the big blue ocean beneath you at 80km/h.  Your heart will be racing for approximately 1.15km. However, the experience is totally worth it!

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2. Seal Island Cruise

Seal Island in Mossel Bay Western Cape. Wellness activity cruising.

For all animal lovers, Mossel Bay is home to Seal Island. The island is populated by over 4000 Cape Fur seals. Visiting the island is easy. Just hop on a Romonza Boat Cruise. Equally important to know is that a boat ride is said to be the perfect amount of fun and exercise.

Conveniently, cruises are available year-round. Also, the cruises leave hourly from 10:00 to 16:00. Your cruise departs from Mossel Bay Harbour to Seal Island. Then, stop and inspect the 4000 fascinating creatures. Of course, don’t forget your camera!

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3. Swim at Santos Beach

Santos Beach is one of South Africa’s Blue Flag beaches. Meaning, it’s marked as a prestigious and trusted symbol of quality for its efforts in environmental education. The beach is located at the heart of Mossel Bay. Furthermore, Santos has brilliant white sand and clear blue seawater. Not only is it a beautiful relaxing beach, but the water is also at a high temperature of 22˚C. Thus, a perfect swimming beach.

Santos is surrounded by rocky outcrops and natural rock pools filled with interesting sea creatures. Further, into the ocean, you’ll likely spot some dolphins or whales. While searching for sea life, why not throw out a blanket for a lovely picnic on the tranquil beach backed by rows of trees? Here, you will truly experience a perfect combination of forest and sea.

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4. Sailing Trip in Mossel Bay

Sailing in Mossel Bay South Africa

This activity is for the ones looking to swap the beach for the ocean. Experience true sailing on a 12-metre-tall Kiyana Catamaran.  You can decide between an hour or an hour and 30 minutes. The catamaran sails around Seal Island towards the Point area of Mossel Bay. Not only are you surrounded by the beautiful town, but you can also enjoy a dip in the ocean.

Jump from the catamaran, swim with friends or enjoy sundowners. Along with sailing, you can snorkel off the ship. Kiyana welcomes requests to bring along your fishing rods to fish for your dinner. Regardless of the weather, remember your sunscreen because you will be sailing in the potent African sun.

5. Hiking the St. Blaize Trail

Hiking St Blaize Trail Mossel Bay South Africa

This hiking trail is more of a physical activity in Mossel Bay. The St. Blaize Trail is a popular 13.5km hike. First, the hike commences at the St. Blaize Lighthouse. Eventually, after about 6 hours of moderate hiking, the trail ends in Dana Bay. Equally important to know, the trail is a one-way hike along the windy coastline of the Western Cape.

No doubt, you’ll have great ocean views. However, the trail heads upwards along cliffs offering a larger range of views. After a bit, the trail flattens out and leads you around multiple bays. Due to the elevation of the hike, you won’t lose sight of the ocean, allowing you to feel the ocean breeze during your entire hike.

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Spend a Few Days in Mossel Bay

See what I did there with the rhyming? Mossel Bay on the Garden Route is a great beach holiday destination with year-round activities to take part in. Especially if you’re looking for breathtaking views while connecting with nature. Are you ready for your next adventure? Try the wellness road trip along the Garden Route. And as always, thank you so much for being here.

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