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5 Must-Visit Secret Beaches in Australia

Are you looking for a quiet escape? Private and far away from people, roads, and buildings. Just imagine laying down on perfectly white sand, crystal clear water, and the subtle sound of small waves breaking around you. Today, I want to introduce you to the most beautiful and secluded beaches to visit in Australia. Despite their natural beauty, secret beaches can be difficult to find so let me help you. Australia is rich in secret beaches, however, we’ll only explore the 5 must-visit ones.

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1.  Fairy Cove in Victoria

Fairy Cove hidden beach in Wilsons Promontory Australia
Image: Fairy Cove Victoria Tourism, 2023

You can find the magical Fairy Cove in Wilson’s Promontory National Park, Victoria Australia. This is not a well-known beach so it’s quiet throughout the year. In spite of the beach being so well hidden, you can get to the beach by a 2,8-kilometre hike. You can start your hike at the Darby River Car Park. Although 2,8 kilometres does not seem far, prepare yourself for a rocky 40-minute climb along the coastline.

Fairy Cove is about 250 metres of open private beach. Enjoy crystal-clear blue water, giant rocks, and your very own secret rock pool. You can also enjoy a relaxing swim and scenery along the way for a perfect escape. Undoubtedly, Fairy Cove is one of the most stunning beaches in Victoria, making it a must-visit. While in Victoria, you can have a look at one of their 5 wellness retreats.

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2. Caves Beach in New South Wales

Cave Beach in New South Wales Australia. Hidden beaches to visit during low tide.
Image: Cave Beach NSW, 2023

Caves Beach is a must-visit during Australia’s low tide. Since the beach is only accessible via a cave, you cannot access the beach during high tide. Look for the beach between Lake Macquarie and the Pacific Ocean on the Swansea peninsula. Besides swimming, you can fish in the beautiful deep open waters or the Swansea Channel. On top of that, you can visit more caves along the coastline. After visiting Caves Beach you can make your way up the New South Wales coastline for wellness activities in Byron Bay

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3. Elephant Rocks in William Bay National Park

Elephant Rocks in William Bay National Park Australia, hidden beach to visit
Image: Elephant Rocks, William Bay National Park, 2023

Moving on to Western Australia, Elephant Rocks is a beautiful unspoilt beach. Find this secret beach in William Bay National Park. The name Elephant Rocks comes from the beach’s exposed rocks that look like a herd of elephants. What a must-visit beach for a unique experience in Australia!

When lying on the beach next to the turquoise green water, you won’t be able to resist a swim. It only takes a short walk down some stairs between the rocks to a secret sheltered cove. Also, feel free to enjoy a scuba dive in the crystal blue water of Elephant Rocks. The Great Southern Ocean is a few degrees colder than other oceans so remember your wet suit!

4. Wineglass Bay in Tasmania

Wineglass Bay in Tasmania Australia, secret beach
Source: Wineglass Bay Tasmania 2023

If you are looking for a hidden piece of paradise, you’ll be able to find it at Wineglass Bay in Tasmania. In order to make your way there, you need to use a sea kayak, quadbike, or a form of air transportation. I believe this says enough about how much of a secret Wineglass beach is. Moreover, pink granite mountains transcend straight from the ocean creating a sheltered, secret waterway for you to relax, explore, or hike around.

With that said, Wineglass Bay is definitely a must-visit beach in Australia. At the foot of the bay’s granite mountains, you will find Coles Bay. It is a bit easier to reach but you will find more foot traffic during the year.

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5. Bailey Beach in Perth

Bailey Beach in Perth Australia, secret beaches
Source: Bailey Beach – Perth, 2023

Lastly, only 20 minutes from the big city, Perth in Western Australia, you will find Bailey Beach. This secret beach is small but in my opinion, what more could you need for your own secluded beach adventure with a few friends? Even though it’s not considered a great swimming beach, it is a dream snorkelling location.

With beautiful reefs, colourful fish, and clear water to see every ocean creature, Bailey Beach is undeniably a must-see in Australia. If you feel like swimming, you can walk a few minutes south. There you will find another secluded beach on the cliff of Bailey Beach.

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Let the Waves Hit Your Feet, and the Sand be Your Seat

You are probably in need of a break. Why not take a break on your very own private beach? On the one hand, you can immerse yourself in nature and on the other you will not be disturbed by any other visitor. Australia is the perfect place to visit for your next or first secret beach and experience true solitude. Wherever you are in Australia; whether Perth, Tasmania, Western Australia, New South Wales, or Victoria, there is a secret beach for you to visit. Get your swimmers and sunscreen and enjoy the beach!

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