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5 Epic Water Parks in Texas to Put on Your Bucket List

Life is full of twists and turns, ups and downs, and highs and lows. Sometimes it’s hard to embrace life’s movements. Especially if it leaves its passengers gasping for air, completely unsatisfied with the ride!

However, to better understand life, it’s important to embrace these ups and downs. Here’s my proposal, why not take a little break from the ride that’s called life? Instead, take a trip to one of Texas’ 5 most epic water parks. It might give you a sense of control back. Allowing you to feel like yourself again and to recuperate.

Water parks could easily be regarded as family bonding, memory-making, dopamine-building, adrenaline-rushing power capsules! Nothing jolts everything back into perspective like a few good thrusts inside a slippery plastic tube. Perhaps a drift under the sun whilst riding the motions of a lazy river could work just as well. So, without further ado, here are the 5 most epic water parks in Texas that should be on every person’s bucket list.

Schlitterbahn Water Park (2023)
Image: Schlitterbahn Water Park, 2023

1. Schlitterbahn Waterpark New Braunfels

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Near San Antonio lies the Schlitterbahn Waterpark New Braunfels. This waterpark is divided into four sections, each one containing a swim-up bar, a lazy river, a children’s area, and various signature attractions. The Schlitterbahn Waterpark provides seasonal passes that could be paid over three instalments. This pass gives you year-round free parking, exclusive discounts and so much more.

What’s better is that coolers are allowed to be brought into the water park too! So, grab that cooler, book a private cabana, and head over to Schlitterbahn Waterpark in New Braunfels to make some memories! Accommodation is similarly available for those families seeking to stay a little while longer.

Rides of all kinds are found at the park. Amongst those are the AquaVeyer, a ride that transports you to the top of a hill, where you then lurch into a pool for the ultimate splash. Then there’s the Black Knight, which will satisfy any thrill-seeking tendencies. Along with the Blastenhoff Beach, every daredevil will leave this water park with a satisfied grin spanning from ear to ear.

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5 of the most epic water parks in Texas

2. Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark

The name ‘Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark‘ fails in its attempt to showcase the awesomeness that it has to offer! Crowned as the largest indoor water park in North Texas, the rides here vary from wild to mild.

A ride that stands out is the Aquanaut, the first indoor, double-rider Aqua Sphere inner tube ride. A real tongue twister! Then there’s the Yellowjacket Drop which jerks its screaming tubers into the air, with gravity eventually bringing them back down to the base of the construction.

Not forgetting to mention the Texas Twist, one of the longest waterslides at Epic Waters. This high-speed twisting and turning contraption can easily capture one’s stomach in one’s throat with every bend and throw.

5 most epic water parks in Texas wave simulator

3. Splashaway Water Park

Splashaway Water Park is so much more than any average water park. With much more focus placed on family, this park ensures that the best memories emerge from its crystal-clear water. Splashaway offers you the chance to enhance your stay with its unique accommodation packages. You can either bring your RV for some rustic, old-fashioned camping or a tent if that’s easier. Whatever is best for you!

Along with Splashaway’s traditional water park rides, it also includes the usual, well-known amenities, such as cabanas, private lounges, and poolside bars.

5 most epic water parks in Texas

4. Schlitterbahn Waterpark Galveston

The Schlitterbahn Waterpark Galveston, located near Huston, has rivers that unite for a mile of fun through three distinct park sections. This daredevil paradise features some of the most epic high-speed slides such as Rohr!, MASSIV, and the Screaming Serpents body slide.

Additionally, these epic slides and rides are accompanied by rides like the Bahnzai Pipeline, Dragon Blaster and Faust und Furious. Each section has raft rides, pools, and water coasters. Moreover, picnic pavilions and kids-only water playgrounds are also available.

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5 most epic water parks in Texas

5. NRH20 Family Water Park

This is the only water park on the list that offers free parking and free coolers to its guests. Apart from being affordable, the park also provides a few exciting attractions like the Riggamaroll. The latter is an enclosed, spiralling tube from which you then emerge onto a Champagne glass-shaped bowl. Then there’s Thunder, an 85-metre-long body slide.

One of NRH20 Family Water Park’s treasured jewels is the Green Extreme. It’s the world’s largest uphill water escalator at 350 metres long and 25 metres tall. There’s also the Accelerator, the Beachside Bay, Purplepalooza, Blue Sky, Endless River, NRH2Ocean, and so much more. Don’t forget the Double Dipper, an open, double-rider inner tube slide for parents wishing to ride with their children. Then there’s the Viper, a thrill ride for the whole family to experience a heart-stopping 6-metre mega-tube drop.

Enhance the experience by reserving a cabana or a private lounge, or simply book a picnic spot for the day. The possibilities for the ultimate family experience are endless. NRH20 also has cabanas and luxury lounges that you can book. If this sounds amazing, be sure to check out 5 luxurious spas in New York City that will have any adventurer on the edge of their seat!

5 most epic water parks in Texas

Everything is Bigger in Texas!

Clearly, there’s a competition among these 5 most epic water parks to outshine one another in size, amenities, and sheer awesomeness. Everything’s bigger in Texas, and no one could deny that this is the case with the state’s water parks. Press pause on the mundane, run-off-the-mill rides that life seems to be so proud of. Instead, experience the magic of these 5 epic water parks in Texas. So go on, grab that towel, pack that cooler, and just do it!

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