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4 Must-Visit Bathhouses in Shanghai, China

Are your shoulders tensed or your jaw clenched? Focus on your facial muscles, relax them, and take a deep breath in and out. This is your reminder to let go and calm your spiralling thoughts. What if I told you that you can escape to a tranquil (and free) location to naturally unwind, release tensions, and clear your mind all in one day? It’s time for an active nap where you leave refreshed and invigorated. I know you’re wondering what I’m talking about. Well, probably not because you’ve seen the title and images. Nevertheless, it’s time to visit 4 famous bathhouses in China.

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1. Cheersum Bathhouse in Shanghai

Bathe in Cheersum Bathhouse, Shanghai China
Image: JAF, 2023

Located in Putuo District, Shanghai Cheersum Bathhouse is a must-visit. With seven floors of pools, there is no way to leave disappointed. Also, choose between floating in a hot tub or pool on each floor. And don’t worry, the pools are super clean and up to standard. In addition, the beautiful space and warm dimmed lights keep you in a calm mental state. Another thing that will keep you in a calm mental state is the complementary pyjamas and slippers you receive when arriving.

Compared to other bathhouses in China, Cheersum is a more luxurious bathhouse. Therefore, it’s not kid-friendly, only adults are allowed access to the baths. After floating about and you feel like getting out of the water, why not try some of the other wellness activities at Cheersum? Slip into a hot-stone room for a hot-stone massage. For a more active approach to wellness, go for a workout in the gym.

Does this sound boring? I get you, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy a game of pool at the pool table set in the game room. After exercising or playing some games, visit the oxygen room to get your oxygen levels back to normal. Because of the fun activities and unwinding in the pools, you can’t go wrong at Cheersum.

2. Highton Spaland

Highton Spaland in Highton International Hotel, Shanghai China

Highton Spaland is a gem of a bathhouse in Qibao, Shanghai. The bathhouse offers many pools with a wide range of temperatures. Actually, Highland offers the widest range of temperatures in Shanghai, ranging from 33˚ C to 47˚ C. The bathhouse is situated in the Highton International Hotel. Although the guests have 24-hour access to the baths, you don’t have to be a guest to relax in the baths.

Along with the baths, sweat any and all toxins out in the large steam sauna. A dry sauna is also available if sweating is not your thing. See how much I care about you and your sweating preferences. Nevertheless, feel free to jump in the cold pool to cool off. At an extra cost, lay down for a body scrub with sea salt, milk, and other grains.

Furthermore, make your way to Highton’s rooftop for human-sized pots filled with water just for you to soak in. Equally important, the rooftop is completely secluded from the public eye. So, soak, sunbathe, or just relax without the worry of someone watching you. This is one unique experience you don’t want to miss.

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3. Oriental Spring

Oriental Spring Bathhouse in Shanghai China
Image: SmartTicket, 2023

In the Shanghai district of Minhang, you find Oriental Spring – one of the highest-rated bathhouses in Shanghai. The quality of water in the hot springs is of really high standards. Oriental Spring transports the hot spring water from Jiangsu, Nantong to Shanghai. Additionally, the water has been tested and confirmed by a water analysis laboratory in Budapest. This bathhouse is also recognised by China Hot Springs Tourism Association as having high-quality spring water. So, you can expect water and service of quality at Oriental Spring.

In total, the three-floor resort is dedicated to 15 000 square metres of hot springs. Not only do you have a lot of hot springs to choose from, but also fifteen outdoor pools to catch a swim. Following your soak or swim, get in one of five indoor steam saunas for full-on detoxification.

Other amenities for recreational activities are ready for you to enjoy. For example, arcade machines, a rest area, a kids’ area, and a bookstore. If you’re still a bit tense, go for a Chinese massage or experiment with Chinese medicines. Of course, when your tummy starts rumbling, Oriental Spring provides both Chinese and western food options. Certainly, this is the place to visit for a great Chinese experience.

4. Tagland

Tagland Bathhouse in Shanghai
Image:, 2022

Tagland in Changqing Lu moves away from Chinese-themed bathhouses to a remodelled Korean-style bathhouse. it is known for being a large bathhouse with many visitors a year. Their main goal is to make sure that you don’t want to leave. So you can just imagine the service and luxury that follows. First, indulge in the outdoor hot and steamy pool, surrounded by scenic rocks and plants.

Of course, the usual splattering of hot pools, saunas, and showers is open and available. When you’re finished in the pools, join the friendly staff of Tagland in the dining hall. Here, order the hot pot or traditional Korean meals. Lastly, end your trip with comfortable kickback chairs. Read some traditional Korean manga comics if that’s your thing. Once again, you can’t go wrong visiting Tagland. Enjoy!

Time to Get Out

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Villagers who did manual labour used to visit a public bathhouse as a place to wash off and recover after a hard day’s work. I think it’s time for you to recover and loosen up at a luxurious bathhouse ready to serve you. If visiting a bathhouse is not your thing, we’ve got you covered. Maybe consider going on a Qigong retreat in China. Anyway, as the Chinese say 我们去洗澡吧! (Let’s go for a bath). 

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