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4 Holistic Wellness Retreats in China

In a country that has been using healing methods for thousands of years, it seems like a good idea to go on a holistic healing retreat. In fact, the knowledge that you get from a wellness retreat improves your long-term health. Are you ready to gain a new and refreshing perspective on life? Because that’s exactly what happens when you leave a wellness retreat. So, let go, take a deep breath in and out, and allow Chinese professionals to holistically heal you. Join me as we explore four holistic healing retreats in China.

1. Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain

Visit Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain holistic wellness retreat for luxurious relaxation
Image: China Discovery, 2023

Located in the mountains of Sichuan province just outside Chengdu, this award-winning resort is one of the best luxury wellness retreats in China. Despite the wellness retreat itself and its activities, this luxurious resort includes an indoor pool, a poolside bar, and a health club. So, there are primary activities to take part in at Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain, but you choose when you feel like it. Including, morning tai chi classes and meeting the pandas surrounding the resort. Moreover, explore ancient towns, join a Sichuan cooking class, or hike the magical mountains.

Additionally, an extensive spa menu is available for a treatment of your choice. So, when you’re not in a yoga class or the gym, pop into the spa for a relaxing massage. Equally important, Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain, prides itself on offering a farm-to-table dining concept at its on-site restaurants. The rooms are also an experience on their own. All units come with air conditioning and heating depending on the season. It’s a wellness experience truly unlike any other.

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2. Discover Lijiang from Amandayan

The soak bath at Amandayan Retreat
Image: Travel + Style, 2015

Situated on top of the historic town of Lijiang (a UNESCO heritage site), Amandayan is in an area soaked in history. This retreat is rooted in Chinese medicine holistic healing approaches. Essentially, Amanda Yan provides the perfect base to explore the town of Lijiang. Also, it’s home to over 17,000 species of plants and over half of China’s birds and mammals. When going on the Discover Lijiang retreat, enjoy yoga, tai chi, and pilates classes. Additionally, relax as you receive your warm bamboo massage. The spa’s therapies range from seasonal baths and scrubs using local ingredients.

4 Holistic Wellness Retreats in China

The concept of the retreat is that Amandayan offers all the amenities and activities to better wellness. However, it is up to you to plan and join the different activities. Amandayan takes you into the city of Lijiang to try locally-grown herbs and medicines for any illness. When you return, soak in a round wooden soaking tub with an infusion of flower petals, tea leaves and other botanicals. Following is a steam bath that provides a sense of peace, elevated by a rain shower and sauna. This is an exclusive luxurious experience! Make sure to book in advance.

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3. Sangha Retreat by Octave Group

Visit Sangha Retreat by Octave Group for wellness and reconnecting
Image: Heavens Portfolio, 2023

Get close to the global hub of Shanghai with this Sangha retreat. Although you’re in the city, the retreat is located on the serene Yangcheng Lake. At Sangha Retreat by Octave Institute, you are encouraged to seek self-harmony and clarity. This retreat zooms in on joining Eastern wisdom. For example, ancient Chinese medicines and western technology. Furthermore, the retreat aims to refine the art of meditation. The main goal is to introduce a new cycle of living that achieves mind, body and spiritual wellness.

Stay in comfortable villas with a calming minimalist feel. Besides the sleek design, decor is just as important. A quartz crystal mandala is placed under each bed to enhance the flow of energy through the body. Plus, the crystals are cleansed and replaced after each stay. No negative thoughts or vibes will ever enter the room. Very on-trend for millennials. Finally, Sangha Retreat has a huge sound healing and meditation dome. It’s built with precise dimensions to radiate the energy captured by the rising sun. A lot of thought and effort has gone into providing the perfect holistic healing retreat for you.

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4. Naked Stables Retreat

Visit the stunning Naked Stables Retreat
Image: Trendland, 2023

In Moganshan, Zhejiang Province, Naked Stables offer a retreat with no restrictions. Moganshan is an idyllic yet private location perfect for a secluded personal retreat. The retreat is mainly marketed to people who want to stop smoking. However, the retreat is suitable for anyone who wants to leave bad habits behind. Go for wellness consultations to move past these habits. Thereafter, unwind with relaxing massages and hot stone therapy.

Of course, your mind takes you back to your addiction or bad habits, so you learn mindfulness tactics. Activities that support mindfulness include painting classes and yoga seminars. Lastly, trails are laid out for hiking. So, immerse yourself in the natural area and get your steps in. Not only can you hike in nature but live like a bird in your majestic Tree Top Villa. Moreover, indulge in fresh and wholesome food from the farmhouse. Join the Naked Stables Retreat for pretty scenery and lush architecture.

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Zàijiàn (Bye For Now)

Take back your self-control and inner peace with the help of wellness retreats. They come in all shapes and sizes and are all about inclusivity. Once again, they are really on trend for our millennial readers. So check out qigong retreats in China. Anyway, thank you so much for being here and feel free to send some feedback on your wellness retreats. I would love to hear about it! (Very on-trend of me I know).

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