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3 Yoga and Wine Events to Attend in Cape Town

The secret to getting through difficult times is remaining calm. However, we all have different ways in which we relax. Some people socialise while others choose to exercise. Nevertheless, the basic idea is the same: to get the body moving so that the brain can stay positive and preoccupied. One of the most popular ways people relax these days, especially in Cape Town, is by combining yoga and wine.

The idea of striking the tree position while holding a glass of wine may seem strange, but it makes sense. Many people agree that drinking wine helps to relieve tension, so why not pair it with another relaxing activity? The main goal of yoga is to soothe the mind and body while bringing them into balance. What could be better than pairing yoga and wine?

This unique wellness experience originated in New York and has gradually spread across the world. When the Yoga & Wine train finally reached South Africa, it made its first stop in Cape Town. One of the nation’s wine capitals. So, are you in the Mother City and interested in trying something different? Here are 3 Yoga & Wine events that you should check out in Cape Town.

Wellbeing & Exploratory Yoga Retreat in Green Point is the best yoga & wine retreat in Cape Town.
Image: Taylor Lorenz, 2021

1. Wellbeing & Exploratory Yoga Retreat in Green Point

When you attend this event in Green Point, you will discover the secrets to living a balanced life. This secret lies in the health routines and daily habits that are presented in the retreat’s curriculum. The retreat is spearheaded by yogi Jalynne Messer, who received her 200-hour RYT qualification from the Yoga Alliance in 2021.

The Wellbeing & Exploratory Yoga Retreat stands on top of Table Mountain. It is the perfect place to learn how to cultivate peace and strengthen your inner awareness. While sipping on a glass of wine, of course!

This week-long Yoga & Wine event uses the hatha style of yoga and includes wine tasting, scenic drives, and beach walks. The retreat is truly a great place to explore the allure and natural beauty of Cape Town. It is only available from 10-16 April so book your space now.

Wine Safari and Yoga Retreat in Stellenbosch is one of the best yoga & wine retreats in Cape Town.

2. Wine Safari & Yoga Retreat in Stellenbosch

If you are looking for the wellness adventure of a lifetime then you need to head to Stellenbosch to attend the Wine Safari and Yoga Retreat. This Yoga & Wine event is also 7 days long and offers attendees daily yoga classes, Cape Town site visits, safari game rides, as well as wine tasting. The retreat also pairs meals with wine so it looks like your tastebuds will be coming along for the adventure.

Yoga lovers are in for a treat because they have the choice to practice up to 4 yoga styles (vinyasa, yin, nidra, and ashtanga). This event also offers you stunning views of two of the Western Cape’s popular mountains: Simonsberg and Drakenstein.

You will also be able to make your way to Franschhoek Winelands which is considered by many as the wine capital of South Africa. Why not grab a bottle or two after the retreat so that you can pop it open the next time you feel like doing wine yoga at home? Moreover, Wine Cellar is a great online store for buying high-quality wine. The retreat takes place in October so you have enough time to plan accordingly.

Yoga Adventure & Safari Conservation Tour in Gardens is another great yoga & wine retreat in Cape Town.
Image: Kelly Noble, 2021

3. Yoga Adventure & Safari Conservation Tour in Gardens

This Yoga & Wine event in Gardens is an off-the-grid, intimate, and luxurious retreat that will allow you to experience the best of Cape Town’s colourful flavour of music, history and stunning scenery. Unlike the events mentioned previously, the Yoga Adventure and Safari Conservation Tour also includes conservation activities along with its daily yoga sessions and safari game rides. Furthermore, the staff at this retreat speak three languages: Afrikaans, English and German. So you can’t use a language barrier as an excuse not to attend the event.

Many wellness activities await you at the Yoga Adventure and Safari Conservation Tour. Some of the highlights of this 8-day retreat include wine tasting at various wine farms, abseiling along Paarl Rocks, outdoor camping at Camp Canoe, and hiking along areas such as the Garden Route and Gondwana Nature Reserve. If you bring your car along then why not have a wellness road trip along the Garden Route after your retreat? This Yoga & Wine event takes place from 21-28 March so be sure to book before the retreat is sold out.

Best Wine to Buy for Yoga

Best wines for yoga

I’m sure that the people who were sceptical of the yoga and wine combo have now become faithful converts who are ready to go explore this amazing wellness experience in Cape Town!

Before you go, you should know that the higher quality of the wine you have at your yoga retreat, the better the experience will be. Do you need help finding the best wines to pair with yoga? Check out the Wine Cellar website today for some of South Africa’s finest blue-chip wines. You can buy online so if you are ready for your retreat, why not place an order now?

For more yoga experiences, here are the top yoga studios to visit in South Africa. As always, have a wonderful time!

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