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3 Resorts to Visit in Germany for Wellness Retreats

If you’re ready to learn positive life-changing practices, a wellness retreat should be your next stop. Here, you can master practices like yoga and meditation. Of course, becoming more mindful in our daily lives carries many benefits. However, it is important to receive guidance to experience the long-term benefits. The following 3 wellness resorts in Germany provide the needed guidance. Let’s get into it!

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1. Schloss Elmau in Krün

Schloss Elmau Luxury Spa & Cultural Hideaway in Germany
Source: World Kids, 2023

The first wellness retreat is at Schloss Elmau. The resort is situated in the Bavarian Alps, 100 kilometres south of Munich in Germany. Schloss Elmau offers many wellness retreats to participate in. However, I am going to explore its yoga retreat.

Named Calm and Clarity through Yoga Breathing, this yoga retreat is designed for calmness and clarity. As the name suggests, the yoga session focuses on breathing exercises. Anna Trökes, the instructor at Schloss Elmau, is a firm believer in the benefits of breathing. This is mostly due to the studies completed on breathing. For instance, breathwork counteracts stress, worry, and fears. However, breathing should be practised daily for lasting long-term effects.

You’ll learn many new skills during the yoga wellness retreat at Schloss Elmau. In fact, the retreat teaches you movement and relaxation exercises like asanas and guided meditation. It lasts five nights and is filled with practices that impact your daily routine.

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2. Gaia Retreat House in Hessisch Lichtenau

Yoga and wellness retreat at Gaia Retreat house in Germany
Source: World Luxury Spa Awards, 2023

The second retreat at Gaia Retreat House is in Werra Meissner. This is considered the heart of Germany. Here, anyone coming from all backgrounds is welcome. Moreover, the English instructors are dedicated to your well-being. Explore your vitality and tap into your inner joy. Indulge in yoga during your 4-day Yoga and Wellness Retreat. After all, yoga supports your body in reaching its healthiest state. Furthermore, find your physical and emotional blockages then work toward healing them.

On arrival, the wellness retreat kicks off with yoga. Thereafter, you enjoy a wholesome vegan dinner. Finally, practice yoga and meditate to unwind. The second and third days follow a similar schedule. Wake up with calming tea and morning yoga. Then, delight in some fruit followed by a sauna. Later, partake in a joyful vegan brunch. For the rest of the afternoon, why not explore nature before the evening yoga workshop? Lastly, have a vegan dinner and unwind with yoga. Before departing, you’re greeted with a graceful vegan brunch.

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3. Lanserhof Tegernsee Resort in Waakirchen

Lanserhof Tegernsee Resort in Germany for medical retreat
Source: Lanserhof Tegernsee, 2023

Lanserhof Tegernsee is Europe’s most modern health resort. Paired with stunning nature, it offers some of the best holistic health treatments. This wellness resort focuses on holistic health as well as diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. Each retreat is tailored to your needs and goals. Moreover, the treatments range from holistic medicine to infusion therapies.

During the 8-night stay, attending physicians will personalise your retreat based on your health needs. However, every retreat will start with an initial medical exam. If needed, your checkup can be extended to an hour. A qualified doctor then shares the medical findings with you. Next, more holistic treatments follow. For instance, reflexology and massages. Eventually, the retreat will end with various detox treatments.

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Not only can you experience charming German architecture but lovely natural scenery too. You can also undergo holistic treatments to boost every aspect of your health. Do you feel like exploring more wellness activities in Europe after your wellness retreat? Think about trying some fun wellness activities in London. As the Germans say, Das ist alles, Danke (that’s all thank you) for my non-German speakers.

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