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3 Qigong Retreats in China

It is well-known that Chinese medicine and practices have been famous for healing. China has deep wellness traditions, knowledge, and practices that date back thousands of years. Today, we use these ancient health practices in daily life with the hope of improving overall well-being. So, join me in exploring three Qigong retreats in China designed for improving our well-being.

What is Qigong?

Qigong in China at Qigong Retreats

The practice of Qigong includes exercises that enhance the energy within the body, mind, and spirit. With both physical and mental benefits, Qigong improves and maintains well-being. Essentially, it’s a system of body posture movements, breathing, and meditation. Moreover, Qigong reduces fatigue and improves sleep quality. Equally important in our modern age, it helps with anxiety, stress, and depression. Qi is to energy, so qigong is the art of cultivating qi and centring your energy.

Qigong Meditation Retreats in China

Qigong retreats in China

YEJO Circle – Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine Retreat

This is a traditional Chinese medicine temple retreat with Qigong. For three days and two nights, focus on the practice of Qigong and Daoism culture. Daoism is a set of Chinese traditions and religions. It believes living in harmony with the Dao is essential. To clarify, the Dao is the source of everything and the ultimate principle of our reality. At the temple of Jiashan in Shanghai, Zhejiang follows a set schedule for two full days.

Arrive at the temple around 7:30 pm then prepare for a good night’s sleep. The next morning, wake up around 5:00 am to practice Qigong before having breakfast. After breakfast, you are taught by teachers from the Shanghai Qigong Institute about various sections of Qigong. Indulge in a lovely lunch followed by a quick hike into the natural scenery around the temple. Furthermore, use traditional Chinese medicines with the help of the best doctors for any ailments you have.

Lastly, end off your day with dinner and meditation before heading to bed. On your last day, enjoy breakfast and Qigong before leaving around 3:00 pm. Here, calm down with no disturbances and a silent mind. You will definitely leave with an aligned and peaceful qi.

Qigong and Meditation Training Trip in Yangshuo

Just imagine, a full week of sharing Qigong and Tai Chi with fellow classmates and Qigong masters. Well, this is possible at Yangshuo Traditional Tai Chi school. Besides practising Qigong and Tai Chi twice a day, you can converse in depth with Qigong masters. They provide great advice on how to incorporate Qigong into your daily life when you return from the retreat.

In addition, all skill levels are welcome, whether you’re a beginner or more advanced. The school’s goal is to create open tranquil training areas. Practice Qigong in the beautiful country village with three meals a day. Choose between vegetarian and meat dishes or even request special meals. Whatever you need, they have you covered.

When you feel like taking a break, hire a bike at the Yangshuo Traditional Tai Chi School and ride around for a bit. You can also book acupuncture, a massage, or moxibustion at an extra cost. Certainly, this is the perfect retreat to relax and master the art of Qigong.

Qigong Meditation Retreat in Linhai, Zhejiang

Lastly, Qigong and Meditation Retreat is centred around the belief that a retreat can help you gain a clear mental state. However, that is just the start. The retreat’s location, Linhai, is chosen for its calm and hidden location. In fact, it’s removed from our modern stressful life.

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city for five nights. Practice yoga, and Qigong, and meditate during your stay. All the practices are guided by trained teachers in each category. On top of that, three are variations of meditation. Decide between tea meditation, incense meditation, or temple meditation.

The leading teacher is deaf-mute and has practised Qigong, Tai Chi, and meditation for several years. Along with Qigong classes and meditation sessions, go for a hike or a Chinese massage. Also, you enjoy two meals a day. All the meals are vegetarian, so be ready for that if you’re used to meat. Finally, expect to leave the retreat feeling energised.

Parting Words

Temples for Qigong retreats in China

Yes, a vacation is great and can recharge your batteries. However, your vacation is not always in a calm and quiet location. On the other hand, retreats offer you so many wellness activities that restore your mind and body. So why not align your qi at one of these three Qigong retreats in China? For more wellness spots, why not visit the fascinating longevity village in Bama Yao? As the Chinese say, 我們都是關於氣功閉關 (we’re all about qigong retreats)!

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