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3 Luxury Wellness Hotels in New York

Do you sometimes feel like you’re in the best shape right before you go on a trip? What if I told you that you could travel, relax, and explore while staying in good shape? Simply plan your next stay at a wellness hotel.

A wellness hotel is a luxury hotel that offers wellness facilities. Join me as I look at three luxury hotels and their wellness facilities in New York.

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1. EVEN Hotel New York

EVEN Wellness Hotel in New York City
Source: Time Square South

Stay well, even when travelling. EVEN Hotel wants to defy the idea that your routine goes out the window when you travel. The hotel encourages you to embrace your wellness and increase motivation. Although there are changes in your fitness journey when travelling, EVEN helps you stay on track. The goal is for you to keep active, rest easy, and eat healthy meals. Moreover, you experience a different wellness feel here compared to other wellness hotels. Their passion for the latest wellness trends influences the design of the entire hotel.

Besides the stress-free living areas, EVEN Hotel offers many amenities. First, stay on schedule in the world-class Athletic Studio (AKA the gym). Athletic Studio allows you to get a solo or a group workout, it’s totally up to you. Are you not feeling a studio workout? You are more than welcome to enjoy a workout session in your hotel room instead. Be guided by EVEN online fitness videos. With so many ways to work out, you can’t help but get up and get going.

Get your taste buds ready for great-tasting foods that are good for you. Also, it’s freshly prepared and customisable to your daily food preferences. Mmm, is your tummy rumbling too? Well, if that was not enough to get you salivating,  they also serve delicious healthy desserts. These include chocolate, smoothies, and organic signature cocktails. Talk about a perfect balance! I think it’s safe to say, EVEN is your next wellness hotel stay in New York City.

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2. Waldorf-Astoria Hotel

Waldorf-Astoria Wellness Hotel in New York City
Source: CNN, 2021

When thinking about Waldorf-Astoria Hotel think of modern, rich, and legacy. They pride themselves on offering an unforgettable experience for discerning travellers. Furthermore, contemporary finishes blend effortlessly with the restored materials. Along with a fresh and stylish interior, the hotel offers many wellness amenities.

Foremost, a relaxing luxury spa is open at the Waldorf-Astoria, New York. The hotel spa provides over 2700 square metres of treatment facilities. Also, world-class wellness programs and services are available at the spa. These services include signature treatments. For example, The Awaking Moon – a seaweed and eucalyptus salt scrub and deep tissue massage.

Additionally, try out a wellness therapy named Mexican Folk Healing Treatments. An example of this treatment is the indigenous Herbal Detox. During the detox, enjoy a mix of potent plants that release toxins. Your Mexican experience starts with an herbal energy cleanse. Then it’s followed by a mud wrap. Finally, a massage with rosemary oil will decongest and tone your body. In addition to unique treatments choose between five facials.

Finally, indulge in seven exquisite massages. Ranging from stress relief to hot stone massages. If a spa environment is not your type of wellness, a state-of-the-art fitness centre is available to you. Lastly, healthy food and beverages are provided throughout many spaces in the hotel. An overall classy wellness experience is what you get when visiting the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York.

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3. Soho House Hotel

Soho House Wellness Hotel New York City
Source: Elle Decor, 2023

Soho offers a unique experience regarding your wellness hotel stay. Set in a former warehouse, SOHO House is located in Manhattan. The hotel is notorious for its selective club membership policy. When becoming a member, Soho is a place to relax, eat, drink, and meet.

The hotel serves American delicacies, all freshly made daily. However, their plant-based dishes and grilled main dishes are considered their speciality. Have a nice lunch or dinner at the stylish Soho restaurant. Then, celebrate weekends by digging into a nutrient-dense brunch feast. After your filling meal, dip into the rooftop swimming pool. Not only can you unwind in the pool but also look out on the Hudson River and Downtown New York.

Knowing that you need to switch off, Soho specially designed the Drawing Room. The Drawing Room overlooks Ninth Avenue offering more views of New York. Consequently, the room is a cosy space filled with sofas for meeting friends and relaxing. On top of that, the Soho House has its own screening room showing new releases, classics, and children’s movies.

Lastly, to enhance your wellness experience, visit Soho’s Cowshed Spa. At the Cowshed Spa, choose between the eucalyptus steam room and relaxation spaces. Also, private treatments are available on request.

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Take a Break While on the Go

It is completely possible to travel while staying on your fitness journey. Don’t let a change in your schedule keep you from prioritising your wellness. You deserve it! For more wellness adventures check out parks in New York that are perfect for yoga. And as the New Yorkers say, New York will rizz you up!

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