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3 Incredible Trekking Trails to Tackle

Everyone should go on a trekking adventure at least once in their life. It’s one of those things that must be on the bucket list. An incredible experience with a long list of benefits and priceless memories.

Sure, you need at least some pre-trip fitness training or a basic level of fitness. But in return, you get an overall physical health boost, jaw-dropping scenery and a boosted cultural understanding. On top of that, exposure to nature counteracts the negative effects of the many stressors of daily life.

No matter how strenuous it can get, spending time in pristine places is the most amazing time you can have. The fresh air, the feeling of being on top of the world, and the experience altogether are simply incredible. Regardless of the sore calves and aching quads.

In addition, the more epic the trekking trail, the richer the experience! There are many stunning trekking trails all over the world, but if I had to pick three of them, I would pick the following 3:

1. Annapurna Circuit in Nepal

When you think of epic trekking trails, Nepal is just an obvious choice. From the verdant forests that cover the land like an emerald carpet to the majestic Himalayas, this beautiful country offers an incomparable array of hiking trails.

You might have heard of the 2-week trip to Everest Base Camp, the trekking trail that’s most popular in Nepal. Yet as beautiful as it is, it’s probably the busiest one with thousands of trekkers every year.

A trek with different landscapes always wins my heart and the Annapurna Circuit is stunningly varied.

The Annapurna Circuit is anything between 160 and 230 kilometres (100-145 miles), which can be completed typically between 15-18 days and in terms of levels of difficulty, it is a hard one. But the more you train beforehand, the easier it will be!

More often than not, the hard ones are also the most satisfyingly beautiful. From plunging valleys, deep gorges, crystal clear rivers, and lakes to glaciers and snow-topped peaks, this trekking trail should not go amiss.

2. Kalalau Trail in Hawaii

We are now on to a more exotic trekking trail on the Kauai Island of Hawaii. Commonly known as the Garden Isle, Kauai is Hawaii’s lushest and most tropical island. The beautiful Kalalau trail offers breathtaking views, from every bend being exceeded by the following corner.

You will find an abundance of fruit trees along the way and plenty of areas to explore and relax by. The colour of the waters of the Pacific, the lush greens, and the beautiful sunset make this trip worthwhile.

The difficulty of trail itself isn’t the hardest. It’s a 2-3 day trip. If you pack smart and can comfortably run a few miles, you’ll be okay. So, venture out! I guarantee you won’t regret it.

3. The Haute Route in France-Switzerland

Last but not least, the Haute Route – from Chamonix in France to Zermatt in Switzerland and Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn.

The Haute Route is a network of trails traversing the Pennine Alps and crossing the high passes and glacial valleys of the region. It is considered to be a classic trek with one of the most scenic views in Europe.

Speed and fitness are important factors, as this is one of the more strenuous treks. It has a distance of 213 km / 132 mi and includes a demanding 14,000 m / 46,000 ft of elevation gain.

But nothing compares to the feeling you get when you’ve trekked all day and you arrive at a modern hotel on the route, with a warm bed and delicious food. You heard that right! There are hotels, inns, mountain huts and refuges along the way. So, in terms of accommodation, there are plenty of resting places where you can sleep comfortably.

Have I mentioned the alpine valleys, pretty mountain hamlets and flower-filled meadows? This trekking trail truly has it all and is certainly worth keeping in mind when you’re planning your next travel itinerary.

Venture Out and Explore

From the snow-topped peaks in Nepal to the beautiful exotic beaches in Hawaii and the picturesque meadows of Switzerland, these 3 trekking trails are worth keeping on your list when you’re planning your travel itinerary.

Venture out. Explore. And as Dan May said, “when preparing to climb a mountain, pack a light heart.”

By Eddie Cioca

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