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3 Hokkaido Tours that Promises Nothing But Magic!

3 Hokkaido Tours that Promises Nothing But Magic!

Discover some of Hokkaido’s most beloved natural sights! Hokkaido is a region in Japan that is popular for its prosperous agriculture and aquatic beauty. Hokkaido prefecture won first place on the “National Prefectual Attractiveness Ranking in 2018” and has kept its position to this day.

Within this region lies some of the most beautiful towns such as Biei and Furano. Imagine the tulip season in the Netherlands but just in Japan; simply gorgeous! So, let us travel to the northernmost region of the four main islands of Japan to discover the best Hokkaido tours that will introduce magic into your life!

Sapporo Custom Private Tour by Locals

3 Hokkaido Tours that Promises Nothing But Magic!

Look to the locals! These guides have intimate knowledge of Sapporo, the largest city north of Tokyo and the largest in Hokkaido. This tour could last anywhere between 3 to 8 hours, depending on the package you choose, and highlights only the best of Sapporo. The itinerary is customised to you and promises authentic local insider knowledge.

Some of the spots you encounter during this tour include Odori Park, Sapporo TV Tower, and NiJo Market – here you could try some sea urchins, the Susukino district, the Sapporo Beer Museum, and many more! However, certain spots on the itinerary list could be swapped out for other spots, it all depends on you! This customisable aspect of the tour makes it one of the top Hakkaido tours to consider for an awesome experience in Japan.

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Asahlyama Zoo, Shirogane Blue Pond, Shirahige Falls & More

3 Hokkaido Tours that Promises Nothing But Magic!
Image: byFood, 2023

This tour introduces the Asahlyama Zoo, the Shirogane Blue Pond, Shirahige Falls, and Ningle Terrace. Let’s begin with the Asahlyama Zoo which boasts indigenous wildlife that is unique to Asahlyama Zoo. After this tour, you head to the Shirogane Blue Pond where previous visitors describe the sight as ethereal.

However, if you think the turquoise waters are magical, just wait for the stunning winter waterfall in Biei! Near this waterfall is the Biei Shirogane Onsen that’s been open since 1950. The onsen is not included in this particular tour, but it is easily the best among all of the Hokkaido tours.

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Biei Blue Pond & Local Curry Lunch in Hokkaido

3 Hokkaido Tours that Promises Nothing But Magic!

Between May to late October, an array of blooms can be seen on the vast land of Hokkaido. In particular, the flower fields at Furano and Biei are covered by the fragrance of lavender flowers. Moreover, this tour lays special emphasis on Tomida Farm’s lavender field and Nigle Terrace. Tomida Farm is beautifully set in a mountainous region covered in lush clouds.

Its stark purple façade contrasts beautifully with the dark green foliage that surrounds the farm and is truly a sight to behold! This is the largest lavender field in Japan. See all of these amazing sites just before heading to lunch.  This is definitely one of the best Hokkaido tours to take in Japan!

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Turning Japanese!

3 Hokkaido Tours that Promises Nothing But Magic!
Image:, 2023

These 3 Hokkaido tours offer a captivating journey through the land of tangible enchantment. They are enough to turn any person Japanese, as The Vapors famously sang since 2011. From the ethereal beauty of the winter wonderland to the vibrant colours of autumn, Hokkaido promises nothing but magic throughout the year.

Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a taste of Japanese culture, these tours have it all. So, let us embark on a journey to this northern gem, and let the spellbinding charm of Hokkaido weave its magic around you!

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