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3 Hiking Retreats to Tackle in Norway

Wellness Retreats in Norway

Nature’s beauty has a special way of putting us at rest. For this reason, the tranquilly of Norwegian nature makes it a great destination for a digital detox or vacation. Here, you have the opportunity to reduce your tension and reestablish your internal connection. But, when did you last experience that? Well, this is your chance to do something good for your mind, body and soul. Here are 3 hiking retreats to try in Norway.

Hiking Getaway and Yoga Retreat in Molde

Hiking Getaway and Yoga Retreat in Molde, Norway.

Come spend a full weekend at a sporty resort with easy hikes. The peaceful nature of Norway, with its stunning waterfalls, mighty mountains, and breathtaking vistas of the fjords, will be yours to explore. In addition, this 4-day wellness retreat offers some of the most spectacular hiking sites in the whole globe.

Prepare to meet like-minded people, practise yoga, and get to enjoy amazing hiking paths. Essentially, the retreat offers daily yoga classes and guided hiking tours. On top of that, you get raw chocolate and freshly squeezed as well as a healthy breakfast and lunch every day. After the retreat, you return home filled with fond memories and eager to do it all again.

For your 3 nights’ accommodation, you have the option of staying in the nearby home apartment or the Thon Hotel Moldefjord. The hotel is located in the heart of the city and the rooms are cosy and comfortable. In addition to other amenities, it comes with free wireless internet, a private bathroom, and a shower. As you can see, this is one of the best retreats to indulge in wellness when in Norway.

Hiking With Meditation and Yoga Holiday in Molde

Hiking With Meditation and Yoga Holiday in Molde, Norway.

You will be tested physically and psychologically during this incredible yoga, meditation, and hiking retreat. However, you will also leave with the most incredible emotions. Besides getting a feeling of appreciation, you also get a sense of adoration, divinity, and inward tranquillity at this retreat.

Come see yourself and your life from a different angle in Molde. Moreover, allow yourself to better concentrate on what matters most. In fact, this retreat is a spiritual experience that teaches you awareness. As in life itself, the mountains and the weather here are unpredictable so be sure to plan accordingly.

This retreat lasts 5 days. Every day starts with a daily yoga class followed by breakfast. Thereafter, you make your way to the starting point of the day’s hike. Although some of the hikes are close by, others can take up to 45 minutes to reach. The peaks of the hikes are the best places for meditation. If you book the retreat during winter, why not do the Wim Hof method after your hike?

Summer Arctic Hiking Retreat on the Island of Uløya

Summer Arctic Hiking Retreat Week on the Island of Uløya in Norway.

In the summer, the snow almost completely melts away and leaves behind an island of lush meadows, winding rivers, thundering waterfalls, and turquoise lakes that make for wonderful day trips and exploration. This 8-day summer arctic hiking retreat on the Island of Uløya is the perfect place to experience all that.

Enjoy nature at its most untamed, together with the breathtaking views, isolation, and peace that are exclusive to this extremely rare island of Uløya. Also, take advantage of the well-decorated accommodation. In fact, they are all situated 50 metres from the water at the base of Bltinden. Also, there is a drying area for all of the boating and skiing equipment and accessories.

Enjoy this amazing hiking excursion that will leave you stunned in the Lyngen area! Anticipate stunning fjords and mountains, as well as untouched countryside and a variety of fauna.

Experience More of Norway

Clearly, Norway is among the best places in the world for hiking. What’s even better is that these retreats incorporate more than just hikes. While at these hiking retreats, you enjoy other wellness activities like meditation and yoga. Indeed, hiking retreats are one of the best ways to have a healthy and peaceful mind, body and soul.

Looking for more hiking trails in Norway? Here are 5 breathtaking hiking trails to explore in this magical country. Have a wonderful time!

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