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3 Fun Theme Parks in Orlando, Florida

Are you ready to leave your daily life behind and be whisked away to a place of imagination and fun? Whatever your age, become an explorer or wanderer. There are no limits. Not only does going to theme parks produce a healthy level of adrenaline, but it also releases endorphins which make us happy! But all scientific facts aside, walking around in a fantasy world and enjoying exciting rides is just a tonne of fun! Let’s have a look at 3 theme parks you should experience in Orlando, Florida.

1. Universal’s Island of Adventure

Visit Universal Island Orlando Theme Park
Image: Laughing Place, 2022

Universal’s Orlando Resort is where fun goes down, and then up. And then down again. Are you catching what I’m putting down? And up? Okay, I’m done. If you didn’t catch my lame jokes, it’s the rollercoasters going up and down. Because I’m writing about theme parks. Anyway, the things to do at Universal’s Island are endless. With a combination of 19 themed rollercoasters, child-friendly rides and water slides, there is truly something for everybody here.

Of course, this can get quite exhausting. Relax and dine at your choice of 26 full-service restaurants or just grab a snack at one of the food trucks. As soon as your tummy is full and you’re ready for more entertainment, why not head to a show? Universal presents four shows. First, watch an action-filled show named Poseidon’s Fury. For a more child-friendly show, have a look at Dr Suess’s “Oh! The Stories You’ll Hear.” Lastly, shop till you drop at a variety of 28 shops with different themes from your favourite Universal films. Certainly, you will have a blast!

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2. Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

Visit Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom Park is what guests think of when they picture the famous Disney World. For example, it’s home to Cinderella Castle, the popular Space Mountain, and 7 Dwarfs Mine Train. Before getting into all the activities at Magic Kingdom, my word of advice is to get in your most comfortable, lightweight, and breathable shoes. You walk an average of 15 kilometres here. Due to the endless lands and destinations of enchantment.

The rides are next level, ranging from rollercoasters to jungle charter cruises. And with an exotic mix of jungles, wild animals, pirates and a Middle Eastern bazaar, the park itself is an adventure to experience. Furthermore, there are over 200 eateries scattered across the park. All selling classic Disney treats I’m sure you’ve seen somewhere before. Lastly, join an exciting night-time event that includes more than 20 magical shows and attractions. Also, the park won’t be so busy, so there’s more to see.

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3. Legoland Florida Resort

Visit Legoland in Florida
Image: Legoland, 2023

Legoland is the perfect getaway for you and your family. It’s specifically built and designed for both adults and children. Essentially, it is a creative collection of Lego-inspired rides. First, get on a thrilling rollercoaster like the Dragon, the Great LEGO Race, Coastersaurus, and Flying School coaster. On top of that, interactive games are also available. For instance, the Battle of Bricksburg water ride. Here, you help defend Bricksburg by spraying the evil DUPLO alien invaders and stopping them from stealing LEGO bricks.

It can get hot and humid in Florida, as a result, Legoland has built an aquatic section to cool you down. Get splashed as you race the waves and dodge the water blasts. When you feel like escaping the fun and taking a break, visit the beautiful and historic Cypress botanical gardens inside the park. It is a horticultural masterpiece with exotic plants from all over the world. There is truly something for everyone at Legoland Florida.

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Hope You Enjoyed the Ride

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Yes, there are tons of theme parks all around the world and especially in Orlando. Nevertheless, I truly believe these are the top three must-visit theme parks in the United States. I also understand that crazy rollercoasters are not everyone’s cup of tea. So, if you’re looking for another calm yet fun activity, check out the best rivers for river tubing in the USA. And as the Americans say, au revoir! Just kidding, that’s French. I don’t actually know what they say. Anyway, thank you for being here! See you soon. 

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