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3 Beautiful Spas in Jerusalem

Beautiful Spas in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a beautiful city in Israel. And it is worth every minute of exploration. You spend hours of your time here going on tours, trips and guided walks. Jerusalem is famous for its cultural and biblical history and is one of the best cities in the world to visit. Therefore, it’s essential to be well-rested when you are here so that you can be present in the experience.

However, after all the tours and information overload on some of the best walking tours of Jerusalem, a break is needed. Fortunately, there are many ways to relax and revitalise after your adventures. One of the best ways is to pay a visit to one of the 3 most beautiful spas in Jerusalem. So, let’s find out more about some of the best and most unique spas Jerusalem has to offer.

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1. Barak Spa

Barak Spa is one of the top 3 beautiful spas in Jerusalem because it offers pregnancy massages

First on our list is Barak Spa. At this beautiful spa, you shed yourself from all the worries of your daily life. This is their promise. This is a high-quality and intimate spa located in the heart of Jerusalem. The plethora of treatments and packages will make it very difficult to decide what it is that you actually want.

Calmness, lightness and good energy are all the things Barak Spa aims to instil through their treatments. The different treatments include reflexology, Thai massages and Swedish massages. One of the most popular and beneficial treatments offered is the pregnancy massage. This holistic massage is designed to relax the body from the fourth month of pregnancy. It focuses on different muscles using a gentle treatment method and the correct use of pressure. Thus, these are a few of the reasons why this is considered one of the top 3 beautiful spas in Jerusalem.

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2. Herbert Samuel Spa

Herbert Samuel Spa is one of the top 3 beautiful Spas in Jerusalem because there are is a wet and dry sauna here

Next up is the Herbert Samuel Spa in Jerusalem. This beautiful spa in Jerusalem helps you get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This is a prestigious spa complex at the Herbert Samuel Hotel. They offer many traditional and unique treatments as part of their packages. This magnificent spa and wellness centre includes a wet and dry sauna room.

Furthermore, it has a heated pool and a state-of-the-art advanced technogym. This is the perfect setting to facilitate aerobic and endurance activities. Herbert Samuel Spa has 5 treatment rooms and a wide menu of facials, treatments and massages. Many popular treatments include deep tissue massages, salt exfoliation and Ayurveda treatments. Therefore, these are a few of the reasons why many consider this beautiful spa in Jerusalem to be one of the best.

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3. Akasha Spa

Akasha Spa is one of the top 3 beautiful spas in Jerusalem because they have an organic bar that serves healthy drinks

Finally, to close off our list of beautiful spas we have Akasha Spa. All the elements of nature are combined and focused on at this beautiful Spa in Jerusalem. Akasha offers a holistic experience, all while you sip your drink at their organic bar. Natural products and treatments are thus at the centre of all that Akasha does.

The variety of holistic and nature-based treatments include deep nourishing and balancing treatments. Not to mention the world-class facials that will leave your skin brighter than ever. Some of the most popular treatments at Akasha further include a 90-minute 7-chakras experience. This treatment aims to align all your chakras through tried and tested techniques.

Furthermore, other treatments offered include the “Akasha Magic” treatment which combines various techniques of energy and flow. You get a new experience every time you visit this spa. Therefore, these are some of the many reasons why this is a well-known, beautiful spa in Jerusalem.

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Let’s Unwind at a Beautiful Spa in Jerusalem

Ultimately, Jerusalem is home to many great treasures. And the spas are just a cherry on top. You get an authentic cultural experience at each of these spas. Furthermore, you leave relaxed and well-rested. So if you’re ever in Jerusalem and are looking for a break, make your way down to one of these 3 beautiful spas. You will not regret a moment of it.

Psychology tip: A spa day takes all the stress away.

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