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15 Breathtaking Lakes to Visit in Germany

Have you ever wondered where those picture-perfect places rich in mountains and lakes are located? Maybe you’ve thought about swimming in these lakes or hiking up the mountains. And asked yourself, will I ever find these places? The answer is yes! Especially in Germany. Delight in beautiful mountains, nature, and lakes. Come along and let’s explore 15 breathtaking lakes to visit in Germany.

1. Eibsee Lake in Bavaria

Eibsee Lake in Germany. Hike and fish in the lake near Bavaria Alps.

Eibsee, a lake in Bavaria, Germany is roughly 100 kilometres southwest of Munich. Lake Eibsee is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Bavarian Alps. Mainly because the lake is an emerald-green shimmering body of water.  After the Isar-Loisach Glacier broke down, a hole with clear green water remained. Additionally, a landslide 3700 years ago shaped the lake we see now. While you’re there, hike the easy Eibsee loop trail in about an hour and 45 minutes. Thereafter, enjoy 360-degree views.

2. Walchensee Lake in Bavaria

Lake Walchen is the deepest and largest lake in Germany. Although this can seem daunting, the lake is perfect for swimming. The turquoise-green Bavarian Caribbean is an ideal lake for windsurfing and hiking. So, choose between more than 10 hiking trails surrounding the lake to take in its spectacular views. Simply head to Walchensee from Munich with an hour and 20 minutes train ride.

3. Tegernsee Lake in Bavaria

Tegernsee Lake in Bavaria, Germany

Tegernsee is part of a glacial series. Found in the Bavarian Alps in southern Germany. Many recreational resorts can be spotted along the lake. Not only is Tegernsee a popular holiday destination, but it is also the cleanest lake in Bavaria. As a result, you are invited to bathe in the shallower parts and swim in the deeper waters. Moreover, Tegernsee has drinkable water, making it a must-visit lake in Germany.

4. Königssee in Berchtesgaden

Along with the previous lakes, Königssee has a beautiful emerald-green colour. The lake is nestled at the foot of Mount Watzmann in Berchtesgaden. Similar to Tegernsee, Königssee is one of the cleanest lakes in Germany. Therefore, enjoy swimming, hiking, or walking around the lake to take in the views. Königssee is one of the most remarkable bodies of water in all of Germany.

5. Alpsee in Ostallgäu

Alpsee Lake in Germany, most idyllic lake in Germany.

Taking all the lakes into account, Alpsee may be the most idyllic lake in Germany. This is mainly because the mountains slope down into Alpsee’s deep waters. Apart from the magical scenery, the lake is home to native swans. And if that’s not dreamy enough, the nearby castles are visible from the lake. So, why not meander into the mountains on various hiking trails?

6. Mummelsee in Black Forest Nature Park

What Lake Mummelsee lacks in size compared to other lakes, it makes up for in tranquillity and beauty. Even though the lake is short, it is the largest in diameter in the Black Nature Forest Park. The Mummelsee borders France and offers a great location for nice mindful walks and swims in the lake. Delight in peaceful nature at Mummelsee.

7. Forggensee Lake in Füssen

Forggensee is a reservoir located north of Füssen. Actually, it is the largest reservoir in Germany. Here, expect to find some of the best views of Bavaria. Not only can you go for a swim but also participate in boating or cruises on the lake. Further outside the water, hike or bike along the 12 kilometres of the lake. With lovely views of nature and the blue water lake, any activity here will be worth it.

8. Lake Shrecksee in Bavaria

Hike and swim Lake Schrecksee in Bavaria, Germany

Without a doubt, Lake Shrecksee is one of the most incredible mountain lakes. However, to truly take in Lake Shrecksee, a difficult hike leading up to the surrounding mountains must be taken. Fortunately, the hike proves to be one of the best in the Bavarian Alps. Something to keep in mind, the hike is 15 kilometres and takes 8 hours to complete. Nevertheless, the result of the hike will be surreal. During summer, you can go for a swim after your rewarding hike.

9. Lake Kummerow in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Lake Kummerow is named after the village Kummerow on its southern shore. The elegant lake offers about nine hikes. Their durations range from one hour to four hours. The hikes also provide a lot of angles of the lake. Furthermore, lush green grass grows around the lake, perfect for a picnic or a break after your hike. Swim, camp, or do both at Lake Kummerow and immerse yourself in Germany’s nature.

10. Lake Constance in Europe

If you’re looking for a lake for both winter and water sports, Lake Constance is a superb option. Lake Constance is situated where Germany, Switzerland, and Austria meet. Besides the activities, the beautiful lake and the majestic Alps create a picturesque view of Lake Constance. Of course, this lake is a great spot for a swim but also hiking. Besides the hiking trails, there are many different charming towns, next to the lake, that are open for a visit. Hence, between wellness activities, towns, and nice-looking natural scenery, there is something for everyone here.

11. Chiemsee in Bavaria

Chiemsee Lake in Bavaria Germany, home to King Ludwig II Museum.

Lake Chiemsee in south-eastern Germany is a must-visit lake if you’re looking for something interesting to do. Choose between water sports, relaxing on the lake’s beach, a bike tour, or a visit to a museum. Yes, a museum on a lake! Chiemsee houses men’s island, the lake’s largest island. While on the island, be sure to visit the King Ludwig II Museum. So, when combining the sheer size of the lovely culture-filled islands, Chiemsee is the most romantic lake in Bavaria.

12. Lake Müritz in Mecklenburg-West

When thinking about Lake Müritz, think of colourful boathouses. Because of the lake’s size and the deep water, many boaters vacation at Müritz. Also, take part in both multiple hikes and boat tours. Regardless of the weather, Lake Müritz is an impressive lake for cycling and hiking. Further, the crystal clear body of water is a natural paradise.

13. Masch Lake

Masch Lake in Germany. Maschseefest in Germany.

Masch Lake is an artificial lake popular for recreational activities and water sports. Aside from the boat races, enjoy a stroll, cycle or jog at this aquatic paradise. What’s more, is a selection of cosy cafés along the promenade of Masch Lake. Each year, the lake receives around 2 million visitors for Maschseefest. During this festival, the enchanted lake is transformed into a social party.

14. Lake Titisee in the Black Forest

Lake Titisee is nestled in the mountains of the Black Forest in southern Germany. This is the country’s largest natural lake and it’s known for swimming and paddling. The lake is quite small. However, the view of the highlands and the lake is breathtaking. Finally, if you would love to windsurf or row, feel free to do so here.

15. Lake Engeratsgundsee in Allgäu Alps

Lake Engeratsgundsee in Allgäu Alps Bavaria Germany

Last but not least, let’s have a look at Lake Engeratsgundsee. It is in the Allgäu Alps in Bavaria. This is a mountain lake sitting 1876 metres high on The Great Thumb Mountain. The only way to reach Engeratsgundsee is to follow a trail that becomes more challenging the further you go. Nevertheless, the hike will take about five hours. You’ll soon understand why it’s totally worth it!

Life is Right with a Lake in Sight

I hope you add a lake visit to your next holiday list. As lakes are great versatile destinations to relax, try different outdoor activities, or just immerse yourself in nature. With the extensive number of breathtaking lakes in the country, there’s no excuse not to visit one when in Germany. If visiting a lake is not enough, how about visiting national parks in Germany? As the Germans say, einen See besuchen, go visit a lake!

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