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10 Best Cities to Visit in Colorado

10 Best Cities to Visit in Colorado

Behold beautiful Colorado: one of the most awesome places to visit in America. The state is filled with astounding landscapes, landmarks, and cities. Defined by the striking Rocky Mountains, Colorado offers a variety of attractions.

As a matter of fact, most of Colorado’s cities are popular for their outdoor activities and closeness to natural sites. Popular mountain resort areas with skiing include Aspen and Steamboat Springs. Then there are the vibrant and cultural scenes in college towns like Boulder and Fort Collins.

I’m sure you are dying to find out more about these cities. So, without further ado, here are the 10 best cities to visit in Colorado. Enjoy!

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1. Denver

Denver: the state capital and best city to visit in Colorado.

Denver, the capital of Colorado, is a wonderful city to live in, visit, and explore. It is one of the US cities with the highest population growth. Furthermore, it has consistently mild weather and clear skies. For this reason, Denver serves as a significant economic and cultural centre for the Front Range area.

Known as the “Mile-High City”, Denver is popular for its different districts. Since they are home to exquisite spas and resorts, these districts are a delight to explore. Additionally, Denver’s districts offer excellent food and shopping stores.

The city has four accomplished professional sports teams. So if you love sports, why not witness a game or two while in the Mile-High City? If you are spending a few nights, be sure to book your stay with Four Seasons Hotel Denver. After your first night at this hotel, you will understand why Denver is the best city to visit in Colorado.

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2. Boulder

Boulder: the 2nd best city to visit in Colorado. Filled with sensational spas.

The vibrant yet laid-back college town of Boulder is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The city is known for its delicious food and cultural sectors, as well as its incredible outdoor activities. Essentially, Boulder has something for everyone to enjoy.

Boulder is one of the best cities to visit in Colorado for wellness activities. In fact, its citizens have a commitment to leading healthy lives. Locals and visitors may both enjoy hiking and mountain biking along Boulder’s routes. In addition, rock climbing and kayaking are all very popular activities in the city.

Besides all the active wellness activities, Boulder also has some sensuous spas. Spavia is among the best. Why not visit them after your trip to this lovely city?

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3. Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, the second-largest and 3rd best city to visit in Colorado.

Colorado Springs, the second-largest city in Colorado, is one of the most loved holiday spots in the state. This is because it has a variety of picturesque places and alluring tourist attractions. Colorado Springs is located at the base of the Rocky Mountains. It offers many outdoor activities in addition to some excellent museums and historic buildings.

Don’t miss the amazing granite formations of Pikes Peak, which inspired the hymn “America the Beautiful”. In fact, this is a great place to hike and mountain bike.

Moreover, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and Pioneer Museum are two of Colorado Springs’ best attractions. On the other hand, the enormous Air Force Academy and Olympic Training Center are two of the city’s most famous landmarks.

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4. Aspen

Aspen: the best city to visit in Colorado for winter sports.

Introducing one of the most well-known ski resorts in the world: the lovely mountain city of Aspen. Along with skiing, Aspen offers you a wide variety of fantastic winter sports like snow biking and tubing. It is a genuine joy to visit this city. Mainly because of its charming scenery and fantastic outdoor activities.

In the middle of the twentieth century, Aspen transformed from a mining town to a popular tourist spot. Ever since then, it has continued to draw the affluent and famous. As a result, the downtown is home to a variety of upmarket restaurants and gourmet eateries. A couple of opulent hotels are also present.

Do you want to know why Aspen is one of the best cities to visit in Colorado? Well, it’s partly because of the St. Regis Aspen Resort. Not only is St. Regis a 5-star hotel, but it also has a wellness spa and allergy-free rooms. Talk about luxury!

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5. Pueblo

Pueblo: one of the best cities to visit in Colorado for boat rides.

At the meeting of the Arkansas River and Fountain Creek, Pueblo offers you a great fusion of culture, food, and history. In addition to all of its other attractions, the city is most known for hosting the annual Colorado State Fair.

Colorado’s early settlers initially founded Pueblo as a trade station. Over time, the city prospered as a railway hub and a centre of steel production. Today, the city is teeming with lovely ancient structures like galleries, museums, and a stunning waterfront plaza.

However, if you want to have fun with your family then Riverwalk is the place for you. Not only can you dine, shop and lodge, but you can also go on a boat ride. Clearly, Pueblo is one of the best cities to visit in Colorado.

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6. Durango

Durango: the best city to visit in Colorado for the the most picturesque train rides in the United States.

Although Durango is most known for its ancient narrow gauge railway, this little city has a lot more to offer. In fact, it is located in the southwest of the state amid the peaceful countryside. In addition to its many outdoor activities, Durango boasts a few historical buildings to see.

The city’s main attraction is the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad (D&SNG). It was built in 1880 and is regarded as one of the most lovely train rides in the United States. D&SNG travels through the mountains and woods that are nearby, which are also excellent for hiking, mountain biking, and skiing.

With dozens of 5-star spas and resorts, Durango is certainly one of the best cities to visit in Colorado. With that said, why not visit the Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa next time you are here? Their spa treatments and naturally heated pools will make your stay here a warm one.

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7. Fort Collins

Fort Collins: home to Colorado State University and one of the best cities to visit in Colorado.

The most populated city in northern Colorado is Fort Collins. It offers a wide range of sights and activities. This is mainly because the city sits in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. With a great number of students and a thriving historic quarter to explore, Fort Collins exudes vitality and energy.

The cool city of Fort Collins is dotted with lovely old buildings. Though first formed in 1864 as a military garrison, Fort Collins is now a really fun place to visit. It offers live music, as well as stores and cafés. Sounds like a place to have a chilled good time.

Essentially, the Colorado State University campus and its students dominate most of the city’s cultural life. However, Fort Collins’ adjacent mountains provide some fantastic outdoor adventure opportunities. These include swimming, kayaking, skiing, horseback riding and paddle boating. Remember to book on Rocky Mountain Adventures’ website.

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8. Grand Junction

Grand Junction: one of the best cities to visit in Colorado for horseback riding and mountain biking, and hiking.

Grand Junction is one of the best cities to visit in Colorado for seeing the countryside. After all, it is the largest city in the Western Slope region of the state. Undoubtedly, the Colorado National Monument and Grand Mesa are certainly Grand Junction’s biggest attractions. However, the city also boasts a flourishing arts and cultural scene.

Moreover, Grand Junction has long been a significant economic and transportation hub. In fact, it received its name from its location at the junction of the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers. As a result, the downtown is full of stores and eateries.

From here, you may take a variety of beautiful drives across the desert, mesas, and canyons nearby. In addition to visiting Grand Junction’s top vineyards, there is also horseback riding, mountain biking, and hiking available.

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9. Loveland

Loveland: the best city to visit in Colorado for Valentine's day.

The charming Loveland is situated in the Front Range area. If you enjoy both art and the wonderful outdoors, then this city is the ideal destination for you. In addition to having one of the biggest sculpture gardens in the Country, Loveland is surrounded by beautiful natural beauty and is home to several other public artworks.

Known as ‘Sweetheart City’, Loveland is nationally recognised for its annual Valentine re-mailing programme. In this program, mail is returned to the sender, hand-stamped with a cachet and poetry to mark the love day.

Lastly, Loveland nicely is located for visiting Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Fort Collins and Boulder are also located nearby. Just in case you want to do a tour of Colorado.

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10. Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs: one of the best cities to visit in Colorado for natural hot springs.

People have gone to Glenwood Springs for years in search of its natural hot springs. In fact, the city’s tranquil waters are still its major lure. However, many tourists also come to enjoy fantastic hiking, mountain biking, and water sports.

In addition to swimming, you can explore lakes and waterfalls in the mountains or try kayaking. White-water rafting and fly fishing are also available along the river.

Interestingly, Glenwood Springs is a great starting point to reach the nearby ski slopes of Vail and Aspen. It also has an abundance of hotels and stores. If you are looking to spend a few nights here, consider booking Glenwood Hot Springs Resort. It is a favourite among tourists and locals alike.

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Explore Colorado

Now that you know the 10 best cities to visit in Colorado, it’s time to explore! This state is very mountainous, so why not start by visiting its mountain resorts? After pushing yourself to new heights, treat yourself to the best spa resorts in Colorado. Lastly, for an inclusive experience in Colorado, check out these 7 rejuvenating wellness retreats. Have a wonderful time!

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