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Purelife Travel is your gateway to wellness travel all over the globe.

With our combined experience in the wellness industry as well as travel and tourism, we have brainstormed the concept of taking our readers on a journey that inspires wellness travel and promotes well-being in the stressed-out world we live in today.

Between all this discomfort and stress lies an untapped and rarely experienced world: wellness travel.

Jump in the ocean, backpack mountain ridges, or simply meditate with landscapes that take your breath away. We have done extensive research into these wellness destinations and practices to give you a wholesome experience. Let us be your guide to the wellness travel that awaits.

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You don’t need a travel companion to embark on an unforgettable journey in Scandinavia. You just need the willpower! Although solo travel might sound like a scary concept, it does not necessarily have to be. Depending on where you choose to solo travel, you can be as safe as a baby in a cradle. That is if you choose the fitting cradle. Luckily, a few countries in Scandinavia are super safe to …

Relaxation is timeless, primarily when you reside, work, and enjoy life in a vibrant city like Los Angeles. We all deserve a respite from our daily routines, and what better way to unwind like a celebrity in Beverly Hills than by pampering yourself with a lavish spa experience? Explore our top spa recommendations in the City of Angels and indulge in some self-care. Top Best Spas for Couples in Los Angeles 1. …

Get ready to experience the vibrant city of Charlotte, North Carolina! With its thriving business community and wealthy history, Charlotte offers diverse accommodations for every traveller. If you’re seeking the ultimate relaxation and fun, look no further than hotels with amazing indoor pools. Rain or shine, these top-rated hotels in Charlotte offer exceptional indoor pool facilities for you to enjoy! Top Hotels with Indoor Pools in Charlotte 1. Holiday Inn Express Hotel …

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