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Purelife Travel is your gateway to wellness travel all over the globe.

With our combined experience in the wellness industry as well as travel and tourism, we have brainstormed the concept of taking our readers on a journey that inspires wellness travel and promotes well-being in the stressed-out world we live in today.

Between all this discomfort and stress lies an untapped and rarely experienced world: wellness travel.

Jump in the ocean, backpack mountain ridges, or simply meditate with landscapes that take your breath away. We have done extensive research into these wellness destinations and practices to give you a wholesome experience. Let us be your guide to the wellness travel that awaits.

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Exploring the Fish Market in Orlando, FL

We can go on forever about “must-visit” wellness places and “must-do” wellness activities. However, many still get sick despite being aware of them. This is because many wellness travellers and enthusiasts ignore a vital wellness activity: eating. More specifically, healthy eating. A balanced diet is important for both good nutrition and health. By eating healthy, you shield yourself from various diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Sure, fruits and veggies are …

Looking to get outdoors and have some fun in Orlando? If so, then grab your backpack and hit the trails for a hike! While Orlando is a bustling city, there are plenty of unique and exciting natural parks and remote locations nearby that are perfect for your upcoming outdoor adventure. With that said, here are the top 10 trails for hiking in Orlando, Florida. 1. Cady Way Trail Cady Way is a …

Welcome to the sunshine state! With so many activities to huddle into your itinerary, keep water activities in mind when visiting Orlando. Today, I dedicated a whole article to just that because it is so amazing and deserves a title of its own. Glass Bottom Kayaking Not only is kayaking with crystal-clear boats genius but it’s also impeccably beautiful! Seeing the fish, marine flora and everything else that’s underneath is simply unbelievable. While …

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